Pattern Seeking


Carborundum and Drypoint Print
Image size: 23cm x 19cm
Paper size: 35cm x 26cm
Number in edition 10
£160 Unframed


This original, handmade print was made by me in my studio in Southampton. It is one of an edition of 10, meaning that there will only be 10 printed. This is one of a series of Drypoint and Carborundum prints inspired by a trip to Bletchley Park to see the code breaking machines. The marks used in this print are reminiscent of codes and the cogs and parts of machines.

This Drypoint and Carborundum print is inked up in several colours and has two passes through the press. The first inking takes about an hour to ink up, then the print is left overnight for the ink to dry and the second layer of colour is then applied and printed. As these prints are handmade, they might vary slightly in colour and tone from the image on screen.