Industrial and Urban spaces

A series of collages produced in 2023 on the theme of industrial and urban spaces. The unseen and overlooked.
I enjoy selecting beautiful papers for my collages, some that I’ve printed myself and others that I’ve collected over the years. I also use old book cloth to add to the antique quality of some pieces.

Code and Machine

These works were inspired by visits to Bletchley Park and the Aeroplane graveyard (or Boneyard) in the Arizona desert. Themes include both unseen technology for example the endless stream of code running through machine parts and through the air. And also physical machinery or industrial heritage such as cogs and wheels and machine parts.

Abstract Prints: Shape: Colour: Balance

A series of abstract prints focusing on bold shapes and colour. The relationship of one shape to another and also a feeling of balance. These images are etchings and carborundum prints.

Tools of the Trade

I have an interest in tools of trades particularly domestic tools. Items that have enabled people, particularly women to earn a living such as sewing machines or tools related to the work of seamstresses.